CAS No.2001-45-8 Tetraphenylphosphonium chloride

Tetraphenylphosphonium chloride

Name Tetraphenylphosphonium chloride
CAS Registry Number 2001-45-8
Synonyms TETRAPHENYLPHOSPHONIUM CHLORIDE;TETRAPHENYLPHOSPHONIUM CHLORID;Phosphonium, tetraphenyl-, chloride;Tetraphenylchlorophosphine;TETRAPHENYLPHOSPONIUM CHLORIDE;Tetraphenylphosphonium chloride, C 73.8%, H 5.5%;Tetraphenylphosphanium chloride;Tetraphenylphosphonium chloride,98%
Molecular Structure Tetraphenylphosphonium chloride   2001-45-8
Molecular Formula C24H20ClP
Molecular Weight 374.84
mp: 272-274 ℃(lit.)
Hazard Codes: Details
Risk Statements: 36/37/38
Safety Statements: 26-36
General Description:

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Tetraphenylphosphonium chloride
IUPAC name
Tetraphenylphosphonium chloride
CAS Number
  • 2001-45-8 N
3D model (JSmol)
  • Interactive image
  • 144578 YesY
ECHA InfoCard 100.016.265
PubChem CID
  • 164911
Chemical formula
Molar mass 374.84 g/mol
Appearance colourless solid
Density 1.27 g dm−3
Melting point 272 to 274 °C (522 to 525 °F; 545 to 547 K)
R-phrases (outdated) 36/37/38
S-phrases (outdated) 26-36
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
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Tetraphenylphosphonium chloride is the chemical compound with the formula (C6H5)4PCl, abbreviated Ph4PCl or PPh4Cl. Tetraphenylphosphonium and especially tetraphenylarsonium salts were formerly of interest in gravimetric analysis of perchlorate and related oxyanions. This colourless salt is used to generate lipophilic salts from inorganic and organometallic anions. Thus, Ph4P+ is useful as a phase-transfer catalyst, again because it allows inorganic anions to dissolve in organic solvents.